Monday, May 09, 2011


I wrote this song, and it turns out its too hard to play correctly and sing at the same time. So I couldn't do a video for it. So all i have is the mp3.

Get the mp3 here.

When you go to sleep at night
And you wonder whats inside
Of the closet in your room
And your head is filled with doom

Well you know that daddy's here
Just to wash away your fear
If you follow all these rules
Then you will not die by ghouls, so

Put away, put away, put away your toys
Don't kiss, don't kiss, don't kiss the boys
Say no, say no, say no to drugs
Don't deal, don't deal don't deal with thugs

while these rules are a short list
I hope there's none you have missed
For it'd be a tragedy
If you disobeyed me

Because daddy knows best
Now please try and get some rest
I just hope you listened well
Or you will see beasts from hell, so

Now you may be wondering as you drift slowly off into the night
If this song was just made up to give you such a terrible fright

That is simply not the case

But in fact this song was written by a wizard in a magic land
To protect all the children from the land's evil inhabitants

But only kids who follow these rules:

I can see you rest at ease
And this makes me very pleased
Because you are not afraid
So my rules you have obeyed

I hope you dream of something good
Just like all little girls should
I won't say another peep
And I'll let you get to sleep

My girl

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