Sunday, February 26, 2006

I didn't get the memo.

I haven't had a girlfriend since June(?) 2004, and apparently I haven't dated someone who loved me since a few months before then. I've never really gone on the offensive for dating -- I'm very chill about it. There's a group of girls I see regularly, we become friends, and maybe a spark happens, and if it does then the rest writes itself. But for various reasons, that same strategy hasn't worked well since freshman year in college. Lately it's become painfully apparent how single I really am. Alec has Maggie. They're a good match, a cute couple, and I'm glad they're happy together. They used to be shy around one another and it was cute. Now they snuggle a bit when we watch TV and it's a different kind of cute. Scott has Annie. They visit each other when they can, but it's a different kind of relationship than Alec & Maggie. They don't display their affection publicly, but knowing Scott he does act a bit differently around her than he does normally. It's interesting to watch. Martin has Dora now. It's ridiculous!! For a comic that continually pokes fun about how one man can be surrounded by hot girls interested in him to varying degrees and not getting any action, how can a kiss like that happen!? Ahhh!! Not to mention last night. I had a heart-fluttering, exhaustion-induced dreaming session last night. The dream was a result of a number of facts whirring around in my head combined with playing 4 games of ultimate on little or no food, eating, then going straight to bed before 10pm. Those facts would be: 1. Noah, an ultimate player on our team, horribly disrespects other players and myself. I want to kick him off the team, but can't when Caddy, the coach, is around due to a difference in philosphy. 2. Liza (nickname Squirt) IM'd me and mentioned how fun the Boat Dance was last year, and how we should go again. Last year I had a major crush on Squirt, but I never understood if she was being friendly or flirting with me. Reality said she had a distant boyfriend, but the way we slow danced felt so good. Unfortunately, the way we slow danced lied, and she appologized later for leading me on. In the dream, I kept Noah from playing. He got pissed and through a tantrum of some kind, I held my ground and went elsewhere while he cooled down. I found Squirt. We said very little, our eyes met. We hugged. Her skin was warm on mine. I could feel her warm breath on the side of my neck as she held me tight. I ran my nose gently along her neck. I felt like I belonged. I was happy. I then woke up at 6:30 to a cold, messy room, which I soon left for the second day of the ultimate tournament. I feel like this is one of those times where someone sent out a memo reminding everyone that romance should be happening soon, and everyone got on it. Who knows, maybe soon even Jim and Pam will finally get their moment and I'll still be sitting on the sideline, watching everyone else try their hand at the game of love.

Intelligent Design...ed by me

Mixing the new school with the old school, we get The Chris Courier on Blogger. When I first began writing online, before someone smashed the words 'web' and 'log' together at exceedingly high velocities, before Web 2.0, before Y2K, there was The Chris Courier. What I wrote didn't matter, but I tended to write about stuff that happened in real life. When the social scene got really heated up, I would cleverly change the names of who I was talking about to aptly describe the situation at hand without compromising any promises or secret feelings or whatever was important to me in the 8th grade. But that's just silly. So I'm not going to do that here. I'm really just going to jot down my life. ...and I couldn't really think of a new title.