Sunday, May 08, 2011

Junk Food

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I see we meet again.
As I stroll through the mall
With my group of friends
I try to look away
But my eyes stray


We may have ended badly
But you were always sweet
Ever since I left you
I just don't feel complete.
Whats there left to do
Except admit that i love you

Junk food.

I love your every Ruffle
I love your every Mound
Once I've popped I cannot stop
I just won't put you down.
High fructose corn syrup
And artificial cheese
When you're talking dirty
You bring me to my knees

I have even more fun
When you're sold two for one


Doctor says that you are really poor for my health
I should give you up and exercise as well
But what does he know, an expert in his field
All his scientific tests can't capture how i feel..

I've been thinking over
Our relationship
We've become codependent
And youre a bag of chips

The truth is simply
That we can never be
We may meet again
Perhaps in aisle 10
But until that day
I have to walk away.

Goodbye junk food.

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