Monday, November 03, 2008

2 therefore n? as in November?

I'm on track so far. Which is easy considering it's been 2 days so far.
I managed to have vegetarian for dinner last night, so bonus there, but I only managed until about 7pm without eating, rather than going through the night hungry. Probably a good choice, as it was pretty rough towards the end.

Also: cardio workout yesterday and balance & quad endurance today. And I'm ahead on my word count.

Tomorrow will tax me, because as of yet, I was getting everything done precisely because I had no work to do. But tomorrow, I have work to do.

Here's to hopin'.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Targets

A bit late, but here's what my plans are for this month:

  • Complete NaNoWriMo. Big goal.
  • Video games only if I'm ahead on my word count. This will absolutely suck.
  • Eat Vegetarian with 2 exceptions: Thanksgiving & potentially Saturdays. Bonus if I manage to be vegetarian on Saturday as well. Oh, also, I'm going to say fish qualifies as vegetarian cuisine.
  • Fast on Sunday. Sunrise to sunset, bonus if I manage to sleep sunday night without eating.
  • Daily workouts, 3 a week will be cardio. Bonus if I get more than 3 days with cardio workout.
  • Big TV off after 11pm. I'll either read or write after then.
  • Meditation 3 times a week? I think so. I need to get that skill back.
  • Be more social? I don't know how I can quantify this. But somehow.
Let's go november.