Tuesday, February 27, 2007

lethargy trumps productivity.

I'm in my poetry class now, and for about the 3rd consecutive time I find myself paying absolutely no attention. But it's worse than that. For the last few weeks, since I dropped my software design class, I've been designing the user interface for a web-based team management site. And in lieu of paying attention in class, i've decided to work on it. But now i'm not even doing that, i'm just sort of looking at it, making changes, and being generally displeased with the appearance of it. Madeline leaves for Brazil today. We haven't spoken in weeks. It's a complicated situation made simple by the fact that now there really isn't much else to do but maintain. Perhaps revisit & rebuild in June, but no sooner. I forget how much hugs mean to me. I need to meet more girls who give good hugs. i'm done.