Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Project A Month

There are a lot of things I'd like to get done. Most of them get pushed off, mostly due to disorganization or time constraints. But I really don't think I'm as pressed for time as I think I am. So this year, my plan is to do a project every month. What constitutes a "project"? Well, anything that I've thought of doing that I haven't actually gotten around to doing yet. This includes:

  • Writing daily
  • Creating some original songs on my guitar.
  • Self-publishing a kindle book
  • Redesigning my website.
  • Making a netflix-band wallet.
  • Reading more books
  • Writing an iPhone app
  • Creating Boomerang (Twitter Score Reporter) v2.0
  • Learning Node.js
The list goes on and on. And, in fact, the list has gotten quite long over time. So, I'm starting Project A Month to try and get myself to focus on one of these projects at a time, and follow it to some sort of conclusion. 

I'll probably start writing a couple of posts in advance so I'll have a buffer of blog entries for when I need a day away from my computer. But first I should figure out which of these projects I'm tackling in January. Hmm... What do you think I should do?