Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bike commuting

I don't have the time for full, well thought out blog posts. I could make the time, but frankly I'm happy with the amount of time I spend doing other things. But for the time being, I hope to make more frequent (but shorter) updates here. I'm trying to keep up this bike commuting thing. I really like how quickly I can get to work, and I like that I'm doing it under my own power. Not so much because it saves gas, but because it helps works exercise into a daily routine that I have to do anyway. Its also awesome to use the roads and not be a car when there's a good amount of traffic. Especially riding on a freshly tuned-up bike. We'll see how long I can keep this up. I probably need to buy a few things as it gets colder and wetter, like a jacket that's actually waterproof and splash guards for my tires. For now, a change of clothes seems to be working just fine.


Craig said...


Chris Downie said...

I thought you'd like that, Craig. :)

Chris said...

Deciding to bike commute is one of the better choices I think I have made. My commute is really long, and I was taking public transit the whole way, but that basically took FOREVER. Now I have a folding bike, and what I do is ride to the train, take it on with me, and then ride to work on the other end. There's still public transit involved, but it's less time on the train, and like you say, a great way to get some exercise.